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Kawasaki KT 250


Kawasaki Trials machine was developped by European Champion Don Smith 1972-75.

I had the privilege to meet Don in 2003 at the Scottish Pre65 with my father Mark.

We smoked many cigarettes (Don) and Cigars (me and Mark) that evening in the Clachnag Inn. His Friend and former manager Bill Brooker made the 4 of us complete.

The first time I met a KT 250 was as a 11 years old boy. Kurt Fellmann from the Moto Center Katzensee made the Swiss Kawasaki to import about 10 KT 250 in 1975.

They where unfortunately never succesful in Swiss Trials, dominated at that time by Bultaco, Montesa and Yamaha (Gottfried Linder was several times Swiss Champion on a TY 250).

My club mate Remo Auchli competed in the Junior class one season on a KT 250.

Anyway, I liked the green color and was a big fan of it. Even I could test ride it for 10 Minutes, usually that time riding a Bultaco Lobito 125T.

I think, the KT is really beautifull. A dream bike would be a Gollner chrom frame with a 320cc big bore kit....

So here the scans, pics and tests I collected during some years.

1973 pic of the first 450 KT made by Don smith first competition at the Scottish 1973, but Don did not finish
Don with cigarette on a 450 Kt with tank seat combo Jack Galloway 1973 Scottish



great pic of Chris Sunter 1973 at SSDT on KT 450

At the 1973 SSDT, I saw 2 KT 450 in the rankings: R.Sunter and M. Kemp. J Galloway was labeled in a pic and I guess Don started as well, but he must have retiered on problems.


nice Montesa like tank seat combo

my favourite transporter! I bought Don's book on ebay



here the Golner KT 250


Kawasaki Part 2