Ventoux Trial Classic
13 & 14 Octobre 2012 Malaucène

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I was always dreaming of riding once the biggest Twinshock Event in main land Europe: Le Mt Ventoux Classic Trial with over 100 teams of 3.

2012 time had come and already in spring Walter Frei, Alex and me decided to form a team in the expert zones "rouge". We knew, for Walter it would not be easy, but since he did well in the middle class in Arbecey and other trials, it should work. Our joker was Alex, the winner of Arbecey 2012 and me some where in the middle, should hopefully make some competitors sweating. Hi hi, no, the aim was of course to ride in the beautiful Provence with over 300 Twinshock friends.

This year, the inscription was even getting more difficult. The motos must be street legal with "carte grise & insurance card" ! No problem for me, as my Honda TL 250 has it all. My friends had "got" some card grise and so we enrolled via internet in June already. After some missing documents were sent, we were finally on the starting list. One week before the event, a mail was indicating, that even lights were obligatory.

I was already heading south to France a week before with my son Kaito to Le Chamadou Camping, where he was riding for his 2nd time on a trial bike, my reliable Monti 4RT. We spent a great time, although 2 trials moto and one Volvo plus a mountain bike is a lot of things to pack without a trailer..

Volvo fully loaded inclusive a 4RT inside! 6 hours Ardèche canoing
Kaito is airborn (not really trial, but fun) dad and son

When we arrived Friday a Malaucène, Ernst & Annemarie Stampfli were already there and reserved a place in the camping next the them, as the camping seemed to be full with trial tourists from all over Europe. Walter and Alex came in a team, Ralph Kunz, Edy Kämpfer and Fredy Müller completed the Swiss presence. At the sports ground, it was very crowded and I could greet many friends. The inscription ceremony needed all the documents and licences, control of Helmet, moto inclusive phon-test! Finally I passed all and pushed my Honda in the parc fermé.

Here some pice of Friday evening:

contrôle technique some last minute preparations
Charles Coutard in the parc fermé, Friday about 18.30h the only Greeves
a special Kato Yami the 3 motos of the Swiss 4 Strokers Team
Motobecane and Greeves the champions team: Charles's SWM and Bear's Bultaco
Spaniard Marti Font with beautiful Puma prepared Bultacos wow
a splendid Puma Bulto 325 looks new
Puma Racing and a 6 speed 340 Bultaco
new racing exhaust typ Vesty Andrea Fistolera's Italjet frog green
Team Lejeune Eddy's first trials competition bike, a TL 200 Honda 1979
Eric Lejeune was riding this twin (125?) Honda, about 1967 nice exhaust

Among the VIP riders were Charles Coutard on a special red/white SWM (although it looked more like a painted yellow TL 320) and team mate Philipp Berlatier on a Coutard Bultaco 340. I have not seen Eddy Lejeune, not sure whether he could come, but Eric was riding. From the Isle of Man Phil and Juan Redshaw came over, from Italy Fulvio Adamoli and Ettore Baldini.

a nice Aprilia TX 311 from last year winner Sabino Gilardini Aldo Alione's Bultaco light
I'm always admiring the Merlins, although must be heavy  
  No 3 of the champions Team, a Honda TLR 250 ridden by Mr. Ranc
a Tiger Cub IoM Cub
nice gasoline hose another Tiger
  Suddenly a BSA becomes a Triumph
no side stand, too heavy  
Team DOT another DOT
a Sherpa N 200, Pre 65 nice details
special parts on this M49 kit Campeon huge hub but Pre65
Fulvio Adamoli with a saw... what is he doing?
He had to cut the 45 degree end of the muffler, too dangerous Team Italia: Fulvio, Ettore and ? ?
phon test Spanish Team Rovira
yes, it will be ok, below 94 decibels a Kit Pro Honda 180, looking for a spark
some nice motos in the car park Honda RS 250
1974 French National Trials Champion Guy Totems on his Tiger Cub  
Beautiful!!! Jolie!!! and with a gifted rider (see later video clips) Kawasaki KT 250, Don would be happy
need a good twinshock? The Magicals a nearly original looking Tiger Cub
 nice competition tool the international flags; Hopp Schwiiz

It became dark soon and we had to prepare the tent, so back to the camping ground before 19h. A nasty Mistral was suffling and we were sitting with caps and jackets in front of the Stampfli Camper and warmed us up with some wine and Walti's Vielle Prune.

VTC Part 2 Samedi