Museu  Moto Barcelona
visited by Patrick & Kaito, April 2012

During our city trip to Barcelona in spring 2012, my lovely wife went shopping and me & son Kaito enjoyed an hour in the motorcycle museum.

It was not easy to find the entrance in the old town, a lot of small streets.

We were the only visitors and enjoyed it, especially me of course.

Most bikes I new from my childhood and my early trials days. But it was nice to see them all again in their beauty. Only spanish bike from the region Catalan, many names I read for the first time (not trial ones of course...). There was also a Bultaco Shepa 350 exhibited, owned by King Juan Carlos (better riding trial than shooting elefants? but that is another story).

wow, would fit in these days of low energy consumption Is this for kids?
alu arm another nice model
1985 trials world round in Switzerland Grimmialp, Ronald Garcia (foto by me with Kodak)  
JP, never heared before, cylinder looks like the GasGas Healey 325  
  cylinder looks like the GasGas Healey 325
Merlin, sold also as Cagiva (2 or 3 in Switzerland) born in the dooms days of Bultaco
  2 cylinder
That looks nice, almost like a Fantic 305 a small series
  Ossa Stiletto
Mick Andrews top machine in 1972 Maybe they should have today more girls on the posters, sex sells...( I like both models)
the owner must be proud about Mick's signature  
Bultaco Metralla 250  


And now one of the highlights, the Bultaco Sherpa from King Juan Carlos

I guess I was too nervous, that's why it is not clear foto  
Me in front of the Royal Bultaco ups, don't touch
  The first Sherco series used Bultaco name and logos
Sanglas 400cc 4 stroke Dűcados Gas Gas JT
Jordi Tarres started with 16 years old on such a Beta TR 32 in Switzerland 1984  
The first Cota 247  
with the big heavy hub  
RenÚ del Torchio Tial H÷ckler 1973 on Cota 247 clip in youtube  
Ulf Karlson won a title on Montesa 349 A proud Montesa works rider
Bultaco for the Red Cross in war regions Senior Bulto
Mototrans Ducati, when the spanish borders were almost closed, produced in licence one of the quickest motos at that time (or was it a Bultaco 360 ?)

I bought many goodies in the shop and went out happily with nice memories.


Montesa in the street  

To my big deception, there were hardly any Bultos or Montis in the streets of Barcelona... sad

But here a nice thing we don't have in Suiza: 2m in front of the red light a waiting zone for  motos.

Brillian idea, won't be introduced in green Switzerland...

Barcelona is a nice city, old town, harbour, Montjuich (24h spirit), shops, tapas bars, warm weather. We had a good time.