Moudon 2002


Moudon was my 2nd Trial riding my Bultaco M49. I came here in 1999, but the engine started to rattle and I just managed to go back to the park fermé and had to finish the Trial.

It took 3 years to find time to restore my Dad's M49 with the help of my friend, Bultaco Doctor and TWN Club President Peter Wohler. See link for restauration Bultaco M49.

So, now I was back and my Bultaco was ready again. To my joy and surprise, I met another Bultaco M49 prepared by Mario and even an M10 (1965) prepared by Fritz.

My Bultaco rode well, except for the last section, where I had difficulties to climb a 1 Meter step, I almost fell down, but managed with 2 feet to lift the Bulto up. ??? I then discovered, that the rear tire touched the alu fender on full compression, which caused a sudden brake! So, by by nice White Power shocks and hello new Betors, but now 36cm instead of 34cm. More ground clearance and better handling as side effect. Highly recommended.

My Bultaco M49, newly restored  
painting of tank still original  
Classic Webmaster Patrick and his M49 000 60  
Here is another M49, owner Mario  
  no 2nd exhaust, nice original looking front fender (but how to ride in the mud?)
Fritz Knuti's M10 Radial finns, 4 Speed
1979 Bultaco blue  
  Bultaco with alu tank
1976 red Bulto another red Bulto with alu fenders


The highlight and guest of honour was for sure Mick Andrews on his James. I rode 1 round behind him and must say: "wow, this gentlemen knows how to ride!". Amazing, how he saw some lines others did not see.

Jill and Mick Mick's James
  looks very light, I would guess 75 kg ?


Markus "Mac" Bühler came with his nice 1969 Ossa Pluma. See also my Ossa page

Markus with his beautiful Ossa Pluma click here for 1.8MB clip
Mick Andrews tests Markus's Ossa is the clutch working ?
Markus is watching Mick Must be 33 years ago, when Mick finished 2nd at the 1969 Scottish on this Ossa

Here some impression from the park ferme and camp ground. Some French, Belgians and Italien riders came as well.

a rare Alpha 220 mono Cota 274
Bitte nicht berühren = don't touch Tiger Cub 200
was for sale, but no buyer in Moudon The owner Remo, also a Twinshock Crosser
nice carb protection  
Schibi is .. ... enjoying is cigar
nice chrome tank RL 250 Suzuki
what a kick ! should get a prize for it's shape Honda TLR 250
Daniel's TY 250 even the helmet is in same colour
a 250 Zündapp Pre65 from Belgium, also met again in the 2003 Scottish Pre65 nice tank

This is also Trial: Our Swiss gentlemen Walter and Ernst having a cup of tea.


Moudon 2002 was big fun: Nice weather, riding one round behind Mick Andrews, my Bultaco doing fine and lots of friends.

Patrick (December 2008)