Isle of Man Classic Twinshock Trial 2006

by Patrick Frei                    Part 1 Saturday

Arthur Browning on a rare Jawa 500 with Sammy

Rainy start at Grandstandon Sat 2 Sep 2006, done by Sammy Miller

Mick Ash 92 on Tiger Cub     Sammy Miller       My Dad Mark (Ariel HT5 rider 1958)

Red Ariel White Ariel
Beautiful "Pre65" T500 Black Ariel
T500 blue T500 green
120 Hedley Cockshott waiting for his start Metallic Cub
Michael Ernst (Germany) in search of the spark at his Yamaha Michael on the road again on a borrowed Greeves

I spent a great week on the Isle of Man with my dad Mark (82 years old, Swiss trials rider in the 60ties on Ariel HT5, Cub, Greeves, Bultaco) visiting the Manx GP and the Manx Classic Trial.
My friend Bruno Schleer (Noriel) asked us to provide for the German team tank stops with our rented Nissan Micra, so I marked the route on the map.
On Saturday morning, we arrived a little bit late at the start at the Grandstand. Sammy Miller already sent No 120 on the road, so our German friends Bruno, Michael and Thomas were already on their way. Some pics in the rain and we drove down to the  first section.
Oh no, a pure guy was already pushing his Yamaha back...  ups, it's Michael, so U-turn and asked how to help. Luckily, somebody could load his bike and bring it back to the start. In a hurry, we cleaned the breaker, checked spark, etc, but no ignition...A nice gentleman borrowed Michael his beautiful Greeves! So, off he went again. 

Michael Ernst on Greeves at Port Soderik river section (sorry, my flash did not work..)

Graham du Feu on Ariel click for clip really slippery click for clip
Michael Ernst exhausted after riding the Greeves up the river  
click for clip 129 Dave Thorpe, the winner


Tank stop at Eary Cushlin, Hartwig Kamarad (Austria) with Bultaco An Ariel from Spain in the rain at lunch stop

Man, it was pooring. We were glad to be in the car and not on the bike. Well, maybe once on the bike, you got used to the wet..and English sportsmen might even like it?

We were waiting at the tank stop, but our German team did not show up. What happened? Finally Thomas came on his Fantic. "We are out of gasoline, please come down to section 9". Ok, so our Nissan Micra had to show it's off road capabilities, amazing, how far you could go. but we reached section 9. I could film and take some pics there, and Sammy himself was also watching...

Michael Ernst's 3rd bike, a TY 175, borrowed from Phil Readshaw Graham's great Ariel
Noriel cleanded by the rain   Bruno in action Thomas Kadri enjoys the rain click for clip
Michael Ernst on yellow Yamaha click for clip BSA  Bantam 2 stroke 175ccm
  Forzza Italia! Giovanni Doughera cleaned the section click for clip
BSA blue with rain protection
Waiting at section 9 Glen Rushen Ariel    Graham du Feu Clip2
Monteas Impala 200ccm Pre65 BSA light
125 Mick Grant on an Ariel (at least in the program), but here on a Cub ?  
Manxman Grant Harding on BSA B 40 350cc click for clip

              Sammy Miller


Triumph Twin 500


Next group we were watching was already the last one in King's Forrest and his Majesty "King Sammuel" was also there. Easy section, but nice to film and rain had stopped, so Mark and me could some cigars and enjoy the sound of the old bikes.

UK rider John Cane on Bultaco M27 (1968) from his father in law
27 Maurizio Cumino on Moto Guzzi Stornello Pre65 After the Trial, sunshine at the Grandstand parking
nice BSA B40 350ccm "Pre65" red beautiful aluminium works, looks like around 100kg
  pet rain protection
This Cub 200 looks quite original  


IoM Classic Trial Part 2

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