Les 2 Jours du Doubs 2007

Trial Beutal 18. August  & Trial de Nans 19. August

Samedi 18 août Beutal

Here some pics from those 2 great trials, with splendid weather and a charming dinner in Nans. Unfortunately, this was the last Trial in Nans. Alain Crelier from the Trial Club de la Vouivre terminated his activites, as he had each year fewer support and a lot of work. Even the club disapeard sadly. Merci à Alain for all the great work you did. My first Trial de Nans was in 2004 on my Bultaco M49.

On Saturday in Beutal, my Honda did not rev anymore and on a 3 meter hill with a rock at the top, there was no acceleration when needed. What a crash and my loved Honda fell down all the 3 meter after a wheely...luckily almost no damage. I checked everything and changed the spark. Next day in Nans, it was fine again....

Here some pics of 2 van Marvick BSA 350, claimed to be 98kg...

van Marvick BSA from Belgium  
in the background: Philippe Margerard on Honda TL200  
everything is on the right side: kick, brake, gear beautiful exhaust with 2 pipes
proud owner Albert engine
van Marvick BSA newly bought by Ernst Stampfli for his 70ies birthday  
  Ernst on his dream
Ernst in action  

Jo rode a very nice Triumph Tiger Cub.

Tiger Cub from Jo nice engine protection and slim back frame
Jo in action  


Philippe Germanier et Christian Aebi derriere Majesty 320 Majesty 320 yellow
Chris Aebi in action  
Peugeot Trial Ossa MAR 1972


Sunday 19 August Nans