Mark's Ariel HT5

imported 1958 in to Switzerland by René del Torchio in a box
assembled by Mark in the garage

Trial Yverdon 1959 Trial Yverdon 1959


He competed at many Swiss Trials in the Categorie National plus at Enduro Races ("Gelände-Schweizermeisterschaft"), where he became 2nd 1959 in the National Class over 250cc with the same machine...

  Geländefahrt Säuliamt 1959, Zürich

He sold the getting heavy Ariel 500 in 1961, after it fell on his foot, injured, bought a light weight Tiger Cub 200cc


But, he never forgot his Ariel....


Mark meets again his beloved Ariel HT 5 after 50 years on 31 July 2010.

The Ariel was 40 years in a humid cellar, found and restored by Guido, a master in restoration, most parts cleaned and used again, hours of work.

Even the special alu piston was used again

31 July 2010

  what an engine !
At 86 Mark gets young again dreaming about past competition days
in original trim, no chance in today's Pre65 events.... original exhaust points to the sky
saddle with springs looks comfortable  
odd lever holder for todays use aluminium cylinder
a monument of history Ariel !
Chromium HT

wow, this was the lightest 500cc Trials competition bike in 1958, at about 130 kg...against 350 AJS at 145 kg
I don' want to ride in todays Pre65 Trials with it against the Millerised 100 kg "Pre65"...

better keep it original as a piece for the museum

Many thanks to Guido for showing us his Ariel !