1983 Trials World Champion Round in Fully, Switzerland


At the verge of the mono area 1983, I visited the Swiss WC 1983 round in Fully (Wallis) with splendid hot sunshine.

Eddy Leujeuns's minder was busy cooling the 4-stroker with water bottles...

The first mono appeared, a Beta ridden by Pedro Ole.

Also the Montesas were 330 and looked different than the 349.

Besides Eddy on the Honda, I was fan of the Montesa 330, as I just bought a new Cota 349 with (ugly) grey mudguards.

Toni Gorgot came back from Scottland with a win on the Cota 330 !!!


All pics taken by me (19 years old at that time) and scanned 25 years later to share with you.


At the Start. What a historic document !

Bernie on SWM, Eddy in the back, Toni Gorgot Cota 330, Kyiuteru Hattory on TLR 250


First Mono: Beta Proto from Pedro Ole Cota 330 with small tank
Fulvio Adamoli on the standard Cota 349 Fulvio
Ettore Baldini on Cota 349 Fulvio in action
Eddy, the winner Eddy in full speed
Eddy on the rocks Perdo Ole on the mono Beta
Toni Gorgot on Cota 330 Jean-Marie Lejeune on standard Cota 349
Bernie Schreiber on SWM Lluis Gallach on Merlin 3.50
Toni Gorgot, SSDT winner 1983 on the Cota 330 Gabino Renales on a "light" Cota 330 with new frame
Toni Gorgot in trouble, but he became 2nd Our TWN club member the Swiss Beat Montanus on Fantic 240
Dutch rider Eddy Moermann, "Mr Sneezy" today Luigi Taveri Junior on Fantic 240


Hope you enjoyed the pics, Patrick.

Results Trial Fully 1983